Oz Brown


I am a freelance content writer from the UK, living and working in San Francisco, California. I help progressive, exciting organizations to showcase their quality and leadership by turning complex ideas into sometimes fun, sometimes serious, always engaging content that audiences love to read.

I cut my teeth in the world of creative content as an in-house copywriter for an international e-commerce agency, where I worked closely with a range of clients to bring their ideas and passions to life with concise, optimised web-copy to suit the language environment of their business

My notable clients include Covo, a wonderful all-under-one-roof coworking space in San Francisco, the University of San Francisco's GeoSpatial Analysis Lab and the Humankind Alliance, a non-profit organization working to bring communities closer together.

I graduated with a degree in Linguistics and Phonetics from the University of Leeds in 2006 followed by a post-grad in English education from the University of Nottingham in 2008.

Likes: Dogs, cats, elephants, giraffes, spiders, fish, wombats...all the animals. And hot-sauce. Not (necessarily) on the animals.

Dislikes: Narcissism, tedious listicles and pedantry.

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